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My name is Ryan Edelstein of Ryan’s Carpet & Tile Cleaning. The argument between Carpet versus Hard Flooring for Asthma patients or patients with breathing problems has been debated for years.  It was thought that while dust samples taken from carpet show bio contaminants and carpet to be the source and will release them into the air, the reverse has found to be true.

CARPET ACTS AS A FILTER besides providing warmth and reducing noise. Most people understand that carpet holds allergens such as dust, dander, hair, etc. But instead of being a drawback to carpet, it is now thought that is actually a huge advantage, especially to those who are sensitive to such allergens. The same allergens on a hard surface floor, such as hardwood or vinyl flooring, are free to move around. As the air stirs, caused by a breeze through an open window or just people walking around, the dust, hair, allergens and everything else on the floor get blown up into the air, where they are then breathed in by those in the home

By contrast, carpet holds onto the allergens and does not release them into the air, thereby trapping them where they cannot be inhaled. Thus, the air quality in carpeted areas can actually be better than non-carpeted areas.

Vacuuming along with regular professional cleaning with hot water extraction have proven the most effective way to remove trapped particulates from carpet, rugs, mattresses and furniture. So whether you have breathing problems or not, you can keep your carpet without the expense of hard flooring. And for new carpet, your warranty usually states you must maintain your carpet by having it professionally cleaned every 15-18 months.

Please note that while I support the belief that carpet does not worsen allergy and asthma symptoms based on the studies, I am not a doctor. As always, consult your doctor to determine what is best for you.

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PREVACCUMING: Deep cleaning of Non-Dissolvable soils

PRESPOTTING: At NO extra charge, we will apply specialized solutions to spots that will not extract with Prespray alone. (Some spots may be permanent. Pet spots are treated for FREE the first time and by job if the first treatment does not solve the problem).

PRESPRAY: We evenly spray carpet with Prespray solution and let it dwell on the carpet.

STEAM RINSE: We extract soils and prespray with steam (also referred to as Hot Water Extraction. Recommended by Carpet Manufacturers).

FURNITURE MOVING: At NO additional charge, we move and clean under light furniture and place foam cards or blocks to protect the legs. We do not move anything with breakables on it or anything with electronics.

WATER DISPOSAL: We dispose of water to code.

SOLUTIONS: We use only high-end cleaning solutions & Anti-Allergen Solution when requested.

CARPET PROTECTOR: We use is up-to-date technology that helps protect against red dyes.

RECLEAN: We will re-clean spots at NO charge within one month of our original cleaning.



Carpet, Asthma and Allergies: Myth or Reality. By Mitchell W. Sauerhoff, Ph.D., DABT, 2008

Allergies & Your Carpet: Fact or Fiction?  Floor Boys - Thursday, January 30, 2014!

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