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Emergency Spotting Tips

Follow these instructions carefully and ALWAYS test first in an inconspicuous area.

1. Most of the carpets on the market today have a stain resist barrier built in. If your carpet is a stain resist type, and you can clean a spot just after it happens, the best method is warm water on a clean white rag. Remove most of the water from the rag. Then gently blot the stain or spot onto the rag. Once the spot is completely out, use a dry clean white rag and blot the area of excess moisture, brush the fibers to an upright position, and let air dry.

2. If the spot has been around awhile, and warm water does not remove it. Call our company for assistance. Using harsh spot removers or even those found at your local grocery store can leave a sticky residue on your carpet. The spot might be gone, but what's left behind is a dirt magnet! Save yourself the trouble and frustration. We have the equipment and expertise needed to breakdown, flush and extract most, or all of your problem spots right at the source. Leaving your carpets and furnishings bright and clean again.