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Free demos are a great way to get your foot in the door. Try using this winning sales tactic on local real estate and property management companies in your area. Here's how it works. Read the news paper real estate ads and look for the agents who consistently have the most listings advertised. In most towns there are maybe 5 - 1O names that show up week after week. Those few agents can become a gold mine of jobs for years to come. And nothing says try me better then FREE! So offer the first job absolutely free! Warning, be prepared to eat a few jobs, but if you landed just 3 out of 1O great agents using your services over the next 5 years ... well, you do the math. The income adds up fast. Not bad for maybe 1O free jobs that could result in 300 paid jobs!

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"Your service is the best. I get so many leads from this site for the money you can't go wrong." Dustin Curtis, VSM Carpet Cleaning

"Thanks Carpet Cleaners Network!! I sold my equipment through your web site and thanks for the great web site" -- Kevin Belanger

Dear Carpet Cleaners Network,
Choosing a reliable, carpet cleaner is not an easy task,
thank you, for expanding the research options for consumers.All American Carpet Care, by far, surpassed their expectations. They were polite, clean, prompt and most importantly they did a terrific job on my carpet. Thanks a Bunch, Leslie

"Carpet Cleaners Network is a great way for consumers to find local carpet cleaning companies in your town as our carpet cleaning company has been involved with ( we can honestly say we receive many calls per week because of and we do carpet cleaning for most of them and the cost to be involved is pennies a day. Thank You".
Cloud Nine Carpet Cleaning


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